Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fickle or polite... you be the judge

Well. Still no appearance from Rune. We can't decide whether she is just being coy or if she feels it would be impolite to show up before her due date (Oct 3). What do you think? -K

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


While we're waiting to see Rune's sweet face for the first time I thought I'd put up pictures to show what she looks like right now. Check out the Flickr link for a couple of pictures of Susie's belly.

(...and, yes... I have been playing with the elements on the blog. There's a new, more attractive weather feed, NPR news feed, quotes and word of the day and a new badge at the bottom of the page that takes you back to the top without scrolling. Please! Stop me before I code again!) -K

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A quick update and a quick fix

First off the item of greatest interest: Susie had a Doctor's appointment today and things are progressing. Rune isn't stalled... just taking her own sweet time about things. The Doc doesn't think that we are really going to need next Tuesday's appointment... to say we're excited is akin to saying that China has a pretty big wall.

The second thing is that it was brought to my attention that people who don't have Google accounts couldn't leave comments. Sorry about that! I have switched on anonymous posting (but please leave your name). Select the anonymous option under the comment. To foil the spammers you will be required to type in the word shown before the post will go through. I also added an email link to the posts in case you want to email a post to someone. I can't think of why you would but it's pretty neat so I did it anyway. -K


I thought I'd take a moment to promote the comments feature of the blog. You will notice a small underlined bit of text at the bottom of each post which has a number and the word "comments". It looks something like this: 0 comments

You can leave us a response by clicking on the text. A form will come up that you can fill out and submit to add your comment to the post. This is a great way of giving us feedback! Also, it lets us know who is actually using this blog to keep track of what is going on here at Team Clearview. -K

Sunday, September 23, 2007

While we're waiting...

I thought that while we are waiting I would update you on what's going on with our children that are already here on the outside:

Mack has started his Sixth Grade year. Middle school next year? It seems too soon! He is once again in the Talented and Gifted (TAG) program. This year for Math, Reading and Poetry. None of you who know Mack will be surprised by the last one. He has always had the soul of a poet. He is also running for Student Council again this year having really enjoyed his term in Fifth Grade.

Jean has started Third Grade with a bit of trepidation. Things are a bit different in Third Grade but she is adjusting well. Art is, of course, her favorite class but she has been showing an increased interest in Math and is asking her mother to make up problems for her to solve. This is on top of her normal homework! She is also one of the highest level readers in her class.

If this sounds like bragging, well, I guess it is. Susie and I are really proud of both Mack and Jean. Rune is going to have big footsteps to follow. -K

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Still (not) going!

Well. We were hoping for a Libra... and the baby is sure cooperating. I hope that cooperation continues once she joins us on this side! (cue the laughter from the parents in the crowd)

I added some elements to the bottom of the page. Two of note are the My Yahoo! and Bookmark badges. If you have a My Yahoo! account you can click on the badge at the bottom of the page and with a couple of clicks Team Clearview will be added to your My Yahoo! page. Updates will appear as if by magic. The Bookmark badge will bring up a page that will give you a quick way of adding a Team Clearview blog bookmark to your computer, account, Google bookmarks, etc. Pretty slick.

The other badges link to sites we like. We hope you enjoy them also. -K

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Waiting Game

While we are all waiting on baby Rune to choose her birthday I decided that it was time to put something in place that would let everyone get updates as quickly as possible while at the same time keeping the volume of phone calls low so that Susie (and soon Rune!) can get their rest. Thus a blog is born.

The name, of course, derives from our little family-unit having members with three different last names. An acronym didn't seem too exciting and hyphens were right out, so a few years ago we settled on the Team Clearview label. Anyway, the kids seemed to enjoy it and we didn't have to fight over billing.

While this blog will be somewhat baby heavy, at least for a while, I will post on other things going on in our lives. I'll post as time and circumstance allow... and as funny or significant events arise. So, welcome and enjoy! -K