Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pleasant (Hocking) Valley Sunday

Whew. After the week we had today was greatly appreciated. Thursday the truck broke down on the way to work. I had to call and wake Susie and Rune to come grab me and bring me home so that I could log in to work and get some rush stuff done before 9:00 AM. After meeting the tow truck and getting to work I find out that the database that runs our entire business has corrupted and it's all hands trying to get things back up and running. I dropped out of the effort at midnight as I had to be back in at 7:00 AM. We finally got things going on Friday and started the cleanup. I worked on that Saturday... but really needed the day of rest today.

Grandma Fern and Mrs. Hayes came for a visit today... which Rune slept through on Daddy's chest. The kids played. Susie made a fantastic dinner which was devoured with much gusto. Family called. Friends called. Nice. All that is left is resetting the clocks and climbing into bed. -K


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending the photos of the Halloween group. Loved the costumes! Maggie

Anonymous said...

Thanks from me too. Wonderful photos! I'm really enjoying reading your blog & getting photos on a regular basis. Susie TG