Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Late Late Late Show

Working late tonight. Really late. Need to take a break so I thought I'd throw out a quick update. (insert wire service noises here)

Rune went to see her Pediatrician Dr Lori today. Rune's OK and is (wait for it!) 10 pounds 12 ounces! She's gaining about an ounce a day. The Doctor is waaaay impressed. She has also grown out of all of her newborn clothes. They are not long enough to stuff her into any more. I know they grow up quick but at this rate she'll be in Middle School by next year.

We have pictures of the children in their Halloween costumes. I'll post them later tonight in the Picasa album. They all are dressing as vegetables this year. Mack is going as a carrot, Jean as a sack of potatoes and Rune as a chili pepper. It's also the first time we have had something like a family theme for Halloween. Pretty cool. -K

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