Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When Are We Getting To Californy Pa?

Tired. Bone, dog tired. The new parent (d)rag. There are many ways to describe our current state but we're just too tired to think of them all.

That being said mother and daughter are doing well. We have our days and nights switched a bit around but will start working on that this week. We took Rune in for a last set of tests yesterday and everything was fine. She has her first appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow. Just a few days old and she already has a full calendar!

O'Bleness has her picture posted on their new baby site. It's not my favorite of the ones they took, but here is a link so that you can see something new until I get more of ours posted. You can get to it by clicking the O'Bleness link in the picture links. -K

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Anonymous said...

Mom used to say that "sleep's highly overrated". Keep trying to make yourself believe that. :)

Thanks for photos! Rune is gorgeous! Can't wait to meet her.

Susie TG