Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Baroness von Squirmsalot

The doctor visit was pretty fun today. More progress has been made and they put Susie on the monitor to check on Rune's movement. She, of course, took this as an opportunity to show off and appeared to be dancing... passed with flying colors. They gave Susie "homework" to do... sit and count baby movements at various times during the day. They want to see at least ten movements during the time period. Susie started tonight and quit about one quarter way into the time since Rune had already scored over 250%. We don't call her Baroness von Squirmsalot for nothing!

Dr. Clark and Lou, our midwife, got into a joking competition over who was going to get to deliver our little girl. It was pretty funny and Susie got a boost out of it. The good doctor also put a maximum time frame on things by saying that he won't let it go past next week. That's it for now, but tune in tomorrow. Same bat time. Same bat channel! -K


maggie said...

Any sister of Jean's has to be a dancing princess! Hoping that today is really "Runesday"

Anonymous said...

I envision "Dancing with the Stars". What fun!!! Susie TG