Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Update

What a busy weekend! Mack had an over night birthday party he attended Friday... pick up was 1:30 PM Halloween Weekend on Court St. YIKES! The streets were already closed off and crowded with party people. We escaped unscathed.

Avie, Matt and Elizabeth were in from Colorado and dropped by so that we could meet the beautiful Ms. Elizabeth. Wow. She looks a lot like her Mom... and where she doesn't she looks like her Dad. We just hope we get to see them more often in the future. (hint. hint.)

Aunt Jen, Uncle Andy and Cousin Wiley dropped in from Upper Arlington so that Wiley could meet the new cousin. He seems to approve of Rune and had a great time playing with his older cousins and Dad in the backyard.

Rune also had her first real bath now that her belly button is fully healed. Calling it not a great success is an understatement. In fact that last sentence was a bit of an understatement. She didn't like it one little bit and let Mommy and I know from start to finish. The finish was pooping on Dad before he could get a diaper back on her. So much for the bath.

There are, of course, pictures! I've posted a bunch of new stuff in the Flickr and Picasa albums. -K

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