Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Postpartum Oooing And Awwwing

Susie went into the Doctor's today for her two week follow up after the birth. Rune and I went with her and it turned into one big staff Coo-fest. Dr Clark was beaming as he held her during Susie's exam... which he was doing. He ran off to get a camera and Dr Raimey got into the act. He did the delivery for us and is the nicest, most understated man you could ever hope to meet. After a picture of our proud family for the office wall we saw Lou and she gushed a bit over our new edition. I'm glad it's not just me that thinks she's beautiful!

All the action and excitement were a bit much for Rune and she had a cranky evening. But a couple of good feedings, three diaper changes and a long rock with Mommy seemed to set things right. Now it's my turn. 'Night all. -K

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