Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fickle or polite... you be the judge

Well. Still no appearance from Rune. We can't decide whether she is just being coy or if she feels it would be impolite to show up before her due date (Oct 3). What do you think? -K


Dodie said...

I don't know if Kurt or Susie wrote this, but I suspect Kurt - you can't rush a girl before she is ready!

Team Clearview said...

Sorry... I forgot to sign it. Susie hasn't been posting yet. Leave comments to encourage her to post and get her take on things! -K

Tasha said...

Polite, of course,having been called fickle once or twice myself, I've come to shrug that label off and just say, ummm, politely that I'm indecisive at times....I too was a latecomer, Rune and I already have things in common. My thinking is that she (unlike Susie) (hang in there Susie!) is probably quite comfortable! I love this baby already!