Friday, September 21, 2007

The Waiting Game

While we are all waiting on baby Rune to choose her birthday I decided that it was time to put something in place that would let everyone get updates as quickly as possible while at the same time keeping the volume of phone calls low so that Susie (and soon Rune!) can get their rest. Thus a blog is born.

The name, of course, derives from our little family-unit having members with three different last names. An acronym didn't seem too exciting and hyphens were right out, so a few years ago we settled on the Team Clearview label. Anyway, the kids seemed to enjoy it and we didn't have to fight over billing.

While this blog will be somewhat baby heavy, at least for a while, I will post on other things going on in our lives. I'll post as time and circumstance allow... and as funny or significant events arise. So, welcome and enjoy! -K

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