Saturday, September 22, 2007

Still (not) going!

Well. We were hoping for a Libra... and the baby is sure cooperating. I hope that cooperation continues once she joins us on this side! (cue the laughter from the parents in the crowd)

I added some elements to the bottom of the page. Two of note are the My Yahoo! and Bookmark badges. If you have a My Yahoo! account you can click on the badge at the bottom of the page and with a couple of clicks Team Clearview will be added to your My Yahoo! page. Updates will appear as if by magic. The Bookmark badge will bring up a page that will give you a quick way of adding a Team Clearview blog bookmark to your computer, account, Google bookmarks, etc. Pretty slick.

The other badges link to sites we like. We hope you enjoy them also. -K

1 comment:

Nan said...

Hi - was hoping for a birthday baby (mine, not Rune's). On the other hand, I support Rune will be a birthday baby regardless of when she is born. I'm keeping all of you in my heart and mind, 24/7